• Our 43-week Physiotherapy Assistant diploma program includes a 10-week, field-related internship
    Gain the skills and training to work in private rehabilitation clinics, sports medicine clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities and more
    The economic outlook for Physiotherapy Assistants remains strong, with a median salary of $18.00 per hour (Canada Job Bank, NOC 3414, 3237)

In only 43 weeks, you will learn to provide direct patient care under the direction and supervision of a licensed physiotherapist. You will study therapeutic techniques to assist with cardiac, neurological, respiratory and other conditions and learn to safely implement interventions determined by a physiotherapist.

You will gain a strong knowledge of mental health disorders, disabilities, human anatomy, physiology, basic patient care, functional movement and more.

Two modules in career planning and preparation will prepare you for a successful job search with resume and cover letter writing assistance, tips on to targeting industry opportunities and more.
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  • Our focus on high-demand, relevant skills allows you to graduate quickly, in months rather than years.
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